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CCD & CMOS Imaging Modules - digital cameras for integration

Imaging Modules by JENOPTIK provide reliability and an excellent price-performance ratio.  Each module incorporates many years of experience in the development, design and production of high-quality image acquisition systems for various branches of industry or science.

ProgRes_OEM_ModuleJENOPTIK provides a broad range of products for integration into your system solution.  The OEM camera modules are based on CCD and CMOS technology, can be monochrome or color, and can provide cooling or not.

If you have enough light available in your application, we recommend the Imaging Module 3.15 CMOS, which is fast and provides high resolution images.

The Imaging Module 3.3 or Imaging Module 5.0 include a CCD sensor, which means higher sensitivity and low noise level.

When sensitivity is even more important in your application we recommend Imaging Module 1.4C  for color images and Imaging Module 1.4M for monochrome images.

As cooled versions Imaging Module 1.4Mcool and Imaging Module 1.4Ccool is available.


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Compact CMOS USB Imaging Module – digital cameras for integration

Based on the preconfigured basic version, our compact CMOS USB imaging module with 5 megapixel resolution and USB 2.0 interface, any project-based modification according to customer specific demands can be realized.

The specialty of our basic CMOS camera modules is an eminently compact design combined with perfect image quality and high frame rates. Low cost, ease of integration and SDK software support make Jenoptik imaging modules an excellent selection for OEM partners. The versatile single-board camera provides an elegant solution for various high-resolution applications in health care, life science, material science, industrial inspection / machine vision, automotive, quality control, logistics, food inspection, forensics.


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